Pakistan Association Liverpool

The Pakistan Association Liverpool works in and around Merseyside in particular but not exclusively for the Pakistani community. It works with the inhabitants and local authorities, voluntary and other organisations. We work to advance the education of the inhabitants, to preserve their good health, and to provide facilities for social welfare, for recreation and other leisure time activities.

The association is a democratic association and a registered charity it is active in the local community networks in Liverpool to help represent the views of the Pakistani community.

The association is a member of the inter faith group which regularly meet in the Pakistan centre.

The Pakistan association is an example of community self help because it was created by and is led by members of the community that it serves.

The association regularly hosts events for the community to celebrate days of cultural and religious significance

The Pakistan youth and community centre is a unique purpose built centre which caters for the needs of the Pakistani community and also the ethnic and many neighbourhood organisations on a city wide basis.

Since 1977 the Pakistan centre has established itself as the identity of the Pakistani community and has proved an immensely popular link between the community and local authority, government departments, voluntary organisations, health related organisations, local fire brigade, police and many other neighbourhood organisations.

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